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Bingo…Now this is really The Banya way of saving money

Well, we have been quiet vocal on buying your health products and medicines online and we still continue on the same path.

This time, we have a very special offer for medicines. You can get your products for almost 50% discount, if you follow the below technique. We would require just one thing from you. If you can help us share the link among your friends and family members. We want everyone to save more on everything. Healthcare cost has really taken the money from our pockets like hell and we all know the nexus and the profit making of these companies. You can easily see lot of people into the medical industries buying those high end cars within couple of years and it is possible when you get high margins on your products.

So, the margins were always huge on medicines but now no more. Save money for your self. Save money for your future. Save money for your kids. Save money for your travel, Save money to invest in penny stocks and let luck play the part to make you millionaire but do not give away your money to make yourself poor.

If this makes sense to you, read further.

1 – Register yourself on medlife

2 – If you are already registered, then login

3 – Upload your prescription and Apply the code LBSEP30 (for new users) and LBSEP20 (For old users)

These codes will give you flat 30% or 20% discount depending, if you are a new or old user on medlife respectively. But over and above that the code will help you get Rs. 200 in cashback from medlife which you can use on your next order.

So, now let us do the calculations.

Assuming, you are a old user and you want to buy medicines worth Rs. 1,000.

So, our code will give you 20% discount + Rs. 200 in cashback from medlife + if you use klippd while going on medlife, you get another 11.25% in klippd cashback.

So, overall.

20% discount on Rs. 1,000= Rs. 200

Rs. 200 in medlife cashback to be used on next order

11.25% on Rs. 800 = Rs. 90

So, your order worth Rs. 1,000 is actually worth only Rs . 510 which means a direct saving of Rs. 490 per month or Rs. 5,880 per year.


Well, this is indeed the banya way of saving more money. Keep that money in your pocket and invest.

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4 thoughts on “Bingo…Now this is really The Banya way of saving money

  • Aayush Kumar

    awesome man, it’s a great way to save money easily on medicines.

    • admin

      Thanks. We appreciate it. Do share it among your friends.

  • Mak ahire

    Bhai there is some issue with the calculation done above.
    Total amount: 1000
    20 percent dis from medlife
    Discounted amount :800
    11.25% from klippd which is 90rs.
    So 800-90 =710

    So the saving is 290.

    • admin

      You will be getting Rs. 200 medlife ecash, that can be used on your next order. So, total savings will be Rs. 290 + Rs. 200 = Rs. 490

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