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Ways to earn more

Well, you will find a lot of articles on how to earn money through surveys and watching videos, blogging etc. Today, I will tell you one way through which you will not only be able to earn money but also save money.

With the advent of online world, world has not only come closer but the opportunity to earn money has also become wider. Now, you can earn money sitting from your home or while you travel from office goers to students. The world has become flat. There are huge opportunities to earn money from your small towns to villages.

All you need is a determination and internet connection to make money.

One of the way is to register on and look for Kuber feature.

Well, klippd is a website that helps you save money and make money too. You can easily save up to 40% on medicines and more while make almost up to 25% on many websites and products.

Once you have signed up on, all you have to do is search the following

1 – search for kuber feature

2 – find the website or deal which you want to spread

3 – create the special link using kuber

4 – spread it to your whatsapp friends, facebook friends, twitter page and more.

Whenever, your friends or any user makes a purchase through these special links of yours, you will make upto 25%.

A simple example would be making money on medicines. You can earn upto 12% on medicines.

I hope, I have tried to answer the question on how to make extra money in India.

You can earn money even if you are a student or college going person or working in office. Just create a special link and start earning passive money.


Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal