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A secret to make Rs. 85,000 inside

We all love offers and discounts & you very well know, if klippd has any synonym then it has to be discounts. We always have been very vocal on how credit cards in India can help you save a lot. Did you knew one of our user had saved Rs. 85,000 with the help of a credit card.

But this time, we will be finding out ways to save further on the likes of amazon, bookmyshow, ola, foodpanda, lenskart, fabfurnish and more.

Well, the amazon coupons, amazon latest promo codes and latest amazon deals does help you save money on amazon. But, you very well know, klippd is the detective and runs all the round a year to further help you reduce cost and increase your savings.

Why wait for ola coupons or ola code or lenskart coupons & lenskart codes or latest foodpanda coupons & latest foodpanda codes, when you can get discount all round the year.

The SBI card that can help you get that extra discount always is SBI SimplyClick Card.

This card will help you get 2.5% cashback on all your amazon spends, ola, foodpanda, lenskart and fabfurnish spends.

So, assuming you spend around Rs. 1 lac per year on these merchants, you have already made a savings of Rs. 2,500 and one free Rs. 2,000 worth amazon voucher which will be given as complimentary for reaching that threshold of Rs. One lac.

But there is more to this card, you will get cashback on all online spends. So assuming you spent around Rs.Two lakh on other websites, you will easily earn a cashback of Rs. 2,500 again plus Rs. 2,000 worth amazon gift voucher for reaching the threshold. So, you basically save 2.5% on websites like amazon, foodpanda, ola, lenskart and fabfurnish while you can easily save 1.25% on all other online spends which includes your electric bill payments and telephone bill payment too. Again, the extra cashback will be over and above the discount offered by the various websites.

So, the coupons and discounts of many websites will be the cake while the SBI Simply Click card will be the cherry of the cake.

So, do not think, just apply for the SBI Simply Click card.

Bonus Point:

You can also make money for the SBI Simply Click Card. Wondering, how can that be possible. Let say, one of your friend wants to buy an apple iphone from amazon. So, your friend comes to klippd and looks for the latest amazon coupons, latest amazon promo codes, latest amazon codes and latest amazon offers and your friend gets the Apple iPhone 6s for say Rs. 40,000.

You can your friend to let you pay with the SBI Simply Click Card on amazon. So, once you make the payment of Rs. 40,000 on amazon, you have already made Rs. 1,000 as 2.5% of 40,000 comes to Rs. One thousand. You can offset this one thousand to pay off your home electric bill. So, isn’t the SBI Simply Click Card wonderful. The SBI Simply Click Card will not only help you save money but also make money from it.

Now, you know, the magic and benefits of owning the SBI SimplyClick Card. All you have to do is click below and just fill out some details and you will get a call from SBI for the card.

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