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Aagmaan Shaastra

Today, 08 march 2016, we have initiated an new section. It is indeed a blog but we rather thought to call it as shastra. Shaastra is an old Sanskrit word which means knowledge.
Let’s first define what are we going to do at our shaastra. We at always believe in helping people save money. With ever increasing rising costs, two things are very important.
First- improve opportunities like say increase salary’s or get skilled for double income etc (which we know you are an expert on that) &
Second- reduce cost for which we know is an expert. Yes, this is our very purpose to be here. Help you save money, help you reduce cost and that too without having compromised on  your lifestyle.
You can be assured that you will always save money when you shop through we have tag and that goes like…Stay Frugal, Stay Klippd.
So, again we started with shastra to make our users well verse with the ways through which they can save money. Very soon we will launch a sociosangam, where like minded people will share ways though which they saved money. It will be an arena for people to save money.
We will give you tips and techniques to save money. After all, we want you to stay klippd.
So, today shaastra has begun its new journey. A journey to make its user educated on the ways to save money, a journey where you can buy things within your budget, a journey where you save and we stay happy.
So, friends, as we always say,
Stay Frugal, Stay Klippd

Stay tuned and stay klippd, stay happy