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Credit Cards Continued….

So, we all know how useful credit cards can be but as it is said every coin has two sides, there are two sides to credit cards as well. Let us try to analyse the pain points of a credit card.
There is a direct relation between your spending and credit cards. As the money spent is not directly from the account, there is a feeling of a cushion being created. So, you normally end up spending more than you should. So, if you are a shopholic, we strongly advice to be very prudent while using the cards.
Always pay your credit card bills on time. Since credit cards are advance money and an unsecured one, it comes with a hefty price. The price can be as huge as 50% in delayed payments of due
So be wary of your deadlines and always the whole amount on time.
There have been numerous stories going on around the cloning of credit cards, siphoning of cards etc. You need to be very cautious and never ever give your information to unknown people over the call or in person.
Avoid using the entire credit limits of your cards, it will dearly affect your cibil score.
All we need is you to be well informed before making any decision, so it made sense for us to tell you the pros and con’s before sailing the credit card ship and never forget,
Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy