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How Can I check alternatives of branded medicines in India?

We have been on a mission now, a mission to help every other user save money on medicines through four things

1 – generics

2 – codes like netmed codes, medlife codes, practo codes, 1mg codes etc

3 – cashback from klippd

4 – using credit cards to your advantage


The best thing lately happened is the growing awareness of the generics.

Did you knew, generics can literally help you save easily up to 90% in many cases.

Nikorandil, a medicines often used by heart patient costs Rs. 125 for ten tablets and the generic version of the same salt, Avcor, would cost only Rs. 33 for ten tablets. So, your medicine cost for the same salt is now down by 75%.

You can find the list of generics on 1mg or netmeds. The list would also have the price and the company name. How ever, having said this, we have a piece of advice. We would want you to consult your doctor before actually taking up the medicines.


The second step would be ordering the medicines online and get discounts of up to 25% on the price. You can use netmeds coupons, 1mg coupons, practo coupons, medlife coupons available from klippd and discount the prices.

The third is taking advantage of klippd and self discounting yourself. You can get cash backs to the tune of 25% with the help of klippd.

netmeds helps you save on medicines

Fourth would be using credit cards like SBI Simply Click Card and discount your self by another 1.25%.


With all these steps, we are sure, you would be able to reduce your medicine prices by around 95% from the original prices.

Hope this would help and do share with the world.


Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Healthy