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How can we save on groceries?

So, we are in the last series on helping you save money on groceries in india. We have seen how gift card, credit cards and wallets help us save. In this article, we see how coupons and cashback from klippd would help you save money.

save money always through klippd

Lets say we want to buy something from big basket. But there are no readily available coupon for big basket. However, we have scanned the world and got some deals for you which can enable you get 20% off on big basket. No doubt, you might have to pay something extra for the big basket coupon but the payment of Rs. 19 for instance in this case, can help you save Rs. 200. Now, this would be over and above to the 2.6% cashback that klippd gives you for shopping on bigbasket through klippd.

So, not only we get our groceries home delivered but we save on time and money as well. We hope all this methods if used in practice would help you save thousands of money.

Stay Klippd, Save on Grocery