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How can we save on groceries?

Grocery spends always take the biggest load in the expense portion of the family. But not any more, while the category would still be the biggest but in some next blogs from klippd on grocery spends.


So today, we would focus on how some cards would help you get your groceries for 2.5% less or even more.

So we have two cards that can help you give direct 2.5% cash back every time.

save money on groceries
save money on groceries


10% off on apparels spends at big bazaar and fbb stores

2.5% cashback on groceries at big bazaar

2.5% cashback on restaurant spends

Rs. 500 welcome gift voucher


SBI SimplySave Card:

2.5% cashback on grocery stores and restaurants

Annual fees waived off for spends above Rs. 75,000 annually

2,000 reward points for spend of Rs. 2,000 within 45 days


These two cards would help you save 2.5% cash back on all grocery spends. We easily spend around Rs. 200,000 per annum which directly means an annual savings of Rs. 5000 per year.

Isn’t it cool? Like instead of paying cash all you need to do is pay by card. Not only this would help you save money but also build your credit score.

So, grocery coupons and offers from klippd would work for online grocery shopping and cards would now work for offline shops.,

Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy