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How do a college student save money for buying books?

You can locate a book store which is offering you discounts or you can buy the used books. Many stores sells the used books and when you are done with them, just resell that books to store again, and you will get your money back!!

Or, If you dont want to resell books and keep books with you for lifetime, other way is buy books online. E-commerce websites provides 100% genuine books, sometimes price difference between used books and new books(Online) is very low, so you can go for new books and latest edition books.

Personally, I observed many times, the online stores offers NEW and latest edition books in lesser price than the local store offers for second-hand used books.

To, save more, while buying books online, you can use klippd, just locate your book online, after that login to klippd, click on your website and do normal transaction. klippd will give you some cashback on your transaction….. that money later you can redeem !!

Thank You!