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How do I earn paytm money online?

Many times paytm gives you cashback in your paytm account when you do a transaction in your paytm account like recharges, bill payments or shopping etc. Just check that offers and get cashback.

Here little trick is pay your postpaid bills, recharges, electricity bills through paytm and earn cashback that can be used later!!!

Another trick is to shop on other sites via Klippd. this is another amazing website which provides coupons and cashback in your Klippd account for doing transaction over other sites including paytm also!!

Just visit Klippd and then through them, go to paytm, transact there and earn money in paytm account. once that transaction tracked by Klippd, get another cashback in Klippd account!! isn’t it amazing?? once confirmed, you can transfer Klippd amount to your paytm account!!

Additionally, Klippd is tied up with more than 500 websites in India!!!

Thank you!

One thought on “How do I earn paytm money online?

  • Aniket

    Awesome, this trick would help me save additional money on all recharge.

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