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How to get discounts for movie tickets?

We all love movies and movies is one of the most basic source of entertainment for all of us. Bookmyshow has become very synonymous to movie tickets but with the internet handling fees, the booking of tickets on bookmyshow is just a matter of convenience. Now with the below steps, you won’t have to wait for bookmyshow coupons or bookmyshow offers anymore.

But, there are still ways to get your movie tickets cheaper and with convenience.

We would make the list one by one. Not all would suit everyone while a combination of methods might suit some.

1 –  HDFC Diners Cards:

The card has three class and if you have any of the class, you are entitled to get unlimited one on one free pvr movie tickets.

The only condition is that maximum value of free ticket would be Rs. 500 per ticket. We have already done a detailed analysis earlier. You can look for Review of HDFC Premium Diners Card and make your calculations.

HDFC premium diners card

2 – SBI Elite Card:

This SBI card is among the cream cards and offers great benefits. With this card, you can get Rs. 6000 worth movie tickets free on bookmyshow every year. So, indirectly, you can see 30 movies for free if the cost of each movie is Rs. 200. The SBI card is among our favorite and we strongly recommend to apply for this card. You can read a complete review.

SBI Elite Card

3 – SBI SimplyClick Card:

We love this card for a simple reason that it would give you 2.5% extra cashback for all transactions made on bookmyshow. So, you can apply any of the wallet offer or apply one on one offers and get the extra 2.5% cash back. This SBI Card is like the cherry over the cream.

Save money through SBI Card

4 – Buy vouchers from nearbuy at 30% discount-

So, if you are looking to watch a movie at one of those pvr or inox, the vouchers from nearbuy can be very pocket friendly. You can use nearbuy coupons available on klippd and get the extra benefit of cash back too.


5 – Use wallets for further discounts on bookmyshow:

You can use the advantage of freecharge wallet, SBI Buddy, Mobikwik Wallet, Jiomoney and get extra discounts and cash backs.


5 – HSBC Visa platinum card:

With the help of HSBC card, you get one on one ticket for free every Saturday. You get two tickets for free every month and maximum free ticket price is Rs. 250 per ticket. We have done a review of the HSBC Visa platinum card.

Save money with HSBC card


6 – If you do not have any of the card and still want the discount, you can use paytm. You can use paytm movie coupons from klippd and extra cashback on booking tickets from klippd. Normally, you would get one on one tickets for free on booking movie tickets from paytm plus you also get extra cashback from klippd.


So, if you use any of the above methods or a combinations of one or two, you are bound to save money on movie tickets. Do share your comments on how you managed to save on movie tickets and help others too.

This is what we say smart spending.


Stay klippd, Stay frugal, Stay happy