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How to make some quick bucks?

You must have seen all those frenzy IPO’s, coming on board the stock exchanges and making double, triple money of your investment.

Well, We wonder why don’t you take part in such mouth watering IPO’s.


The last one that did very wall was the parent company of D-Mart, Avenue Supermarts.

For an investment of about, Rs. 299, you could have gained Rs. 500 which is like almost double of the money you would have invested.

So, this is indeed a great deal to invest in IPO’s.

For all those wondering, what an IPO really is?

Then our answer would be it is nothing but a term used when a company raises some money from the stock exchanges or public.

Basically, the ownership of the company is distributed and the money raised is used normally for expansion purposes.

But let us keep the technicality aside and let us make it simple.

All you have to do is open an account with zerodha and just pay Rs. 300 in annual maintenance charges and start investing in IPO’s. Well, every business demands some investments and consider this Rs. 300 as an investment towards your IPO business. At the end, if you are making more than Rs. 30,000 in a year just by investing in 2-3 IPO’s, it makes sense, right?

So, open an account now and start your journey towards risk free returns.


A note of caution: This is only a way to invest into IPO’s at one of the minimal cost and not any endorsement or recommendation towards any IPO.

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