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Smart Spending

Looking to save some extra money, why don’t start making payments online

We know it is already the end of the month of March and you must be looking for ways to save money or would have already made arrangements to save money on taxes.

But we have a question for you is saving money on taxes the only way to save?

To us, the answer is NO.

Did you knew, you can easily save up to 10% if you make your payments online for general insurances like mediclaim, car insurance and many more.

Let the policy number be same but just make your payments online.

You would not only save on taxes but a straight forward 10% on your insurance bills.

All you have to do is, enter your insurance number check the quote and compare the same with your agent, you yourself can find the difference.

Now, This is Smart Spending.

So, Money doesn’t grows on tree but it grows in hand.


Save Money, Stay Klippd