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Money Power with the help of KUBERA proudly presents the power of KUBERA.

Kubera, the god of wealth. He is the god who embodies both the Artha and the Arthashastras, We wish the same to you and give you an opportunity to unleash your power. want you to give a tool to make money and loads of it.

So, we all write very good articles but is there any way to monetize it.

Say for eg, you have written an in debt review of a product available on flipkart and you want it to be shared the same to the world. After all, it would be good for others to check and decide upon the product. So, you have done all the good and hard work.

All you wold have to do now is login to your klippd account and check for Jugaad. Under Jugaad, look for KUBERA. Select the website of the product under review or the awesome deal that you found out.

Generate your unique link and share the product description but make sure instead of mentioning the product directly, use the link thus generated and use it in your blogs.

You can even share the same on Facebook, twitter, emails, whatsapp and many more.

All the sales through this link would be credited directly to your account.

Unleash your creativity and start making money. The world is waiting for you.,

Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy

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  • Sanchit

    Thanks a lot klippd, kuber helped me make a lot of money. I have used it on my blogs and facebook posts as well. Some times I have even used whatsapp to share the deals.

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