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Review on Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card

This is our second card under review from the Standard Chartered Bank. First let us look at the card.

Save money with StanC card

Let us look at the features of the Standard Chartered Super value titanium card.

The card gives you 5% cashback on electric bills, telephone bills and fuel bill.

The Standard Chartered card also gives you 20% cashback on uber rides.

Also, if you transact within 60 days from card setup date and get additional 1,000 Reward Points and another 500 reward points on registering for online banking


Now, let us dig into each of the points further.

If you travel daily to your office on your vehicle, we can easily assume that we spend at least Rs. 2,000 per month on fuels.

The Standard Chartered Card Super value titanium card would give you 5% cash back on all your fuel spends. So, on spend of Rs. 2,000 per month, you can easily save Rs. 100 or Rs. 1,200 per year. Indeed, a great saving on fuel.

Your electric bills are also entitled for 5% cashback on all spends above Rs. 750. So, you can use freecharge coupons or paytm coupons or mobikwik coupon and over the top of this use the Standard Chartered Card for extra 5% benefit. Even, if you want to directly pay your electric bill through Standard Chartered, you still earn the 5% cashback. The maximum cashback that can be earned is Rs. 100. So, you can easily manage to save Rs. 1,200 per year with the help of Super value titanium card.

On your telephone bills too, you would earn 5% cash back. So again the maximum cashback that can be earned is Rs. 100 per month. We can easily manage to save Rs. 1,200 per year on our telephone bills as well.

So far we managed to save Rs. 3,600 on the upper limit.

The Standard Chartered Card also gives you the privilege to get 20% cash back on your uber rides. So after applying the uber promo codes from klippd, you can save another 20% on your uber rides. The maximum cashback on uber rides would be Rs. 600 per month. This would take the total to Rs. 7,200 per year.

The card comes for free, if you spend more than Rs. 30,000 in a year and from the second year, you need to spend Rs. 60,000 per year to get the card for free.


Our take is the card is very good considering the fact that you can easily manage to save Rs. 7,200 per year. The cashback of Rs. 7,200 means you are already spending more than Rs. 60,000 in a year and hence your card comes for free.

Standard chartered also has some great offers for many online websites and hence the super value titanium card would come very handy those times as well.


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