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Save more on eating out

The weekend is here and many of you must have put on their party caps. So, if you are among those who is a weekender or love to try out new cuisines or new restaurants or fast foods or basically prefer to eat outside on weekends.


So, last time we had asked you to download Dineout and use code W3UB9 to get Rs. 100 for free and use this to pay at the restaurant. With dineout not only you get 20% cashback for payment done using dineout but also get 20% for just uploading bills on dineout. So it is similar to crown it but the only difference you need wait for your luck on Dineout. Also, many a times amazon has dineout gift cards available for discounts.

So this is one way to help you lower cost on your dining spends.

The second way is to get a credit card and we will suggest to go for SBI SimplySave card. This card will help you get 2.5% cashback every time you eat at a restaurant.

Apart from 2.5% cashback on restaurant spends but also 2.5% cashback on grocery spends.

So, when ever you go to Dmart or Big Bazaar you can flash your card with style and get 2.5% extra cashback.

So, now you know two ways to help you save money on food.

And yes do crown it, to get a weekly rush ticket and enter the lucky draw competition.


Stay klippd, Save money