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Shhhh…Its a secret

A little secret, though early but kind of must, after all, don’t want you to shell money.

We all buy stuff from Flipkart and amazon, but we have a way where apart from your normal cash back for that product you can avail more to it.
We love examples, there was a user who wanted to buy an air conditioner and the user selected one which would cost him 31000 at list price.
However, with the help of, the user purchased the same air conditioner for around 26360…woohoo, yaa we made it possible.
Let’s explain you the way, we have a tech called hawk eye, in this section we try to make all possible permutations and combinations, only to make sure that you don’t have to shell out extra money. It is said wise is person who learns from himself, but wiser is the person who takes help from others to do his things. We have all the ecosystem in place, all you have to do is just login to your account.
Now coming back, we had a bank card offer going around the corner, but the TnCs said, you would get maximum of 2000 as discount. We asked the user to use two credit cards of the same bank and purchase a gift card. One would be of around 20000 and the other of 11000. Boom, here you almost saved 3100 and obviously you go through, so you get additional Cashback as well, now this is what we call a smart way to purchase things. And let me tell you it is worth the time you spend. So, you have the gift card ready, all you have to do is again login to your account and purchase the air conditioner, this will ensure more Cashback.
So this is how enabled the user to save more and reduce cost.

So now, as we always say,
Stay Frugal, Stay Klippd, Stay Happy