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Should I pay my household bills with a credit card to gain points?

Well, the answer is a big YES. But there is a difference, will you like to just gain points or make some money or get a small trip sponsored or part of your card bill paid by these cards itself.

We all have to make our bill payments like telephone bills, electric bills, gas bills, petrol bills, recharges and list is endless. Some are necessities while others are wants but anyways we have to make payments towards these.

So why just make the spending, why not move to SMART SPENDING?

Yes, klippd call it as smart spending.

Did you knew after applying freecharge coupons or mobikwik coupons or paytm coupons from klippd, you can reduce your electric bills by almost Rs. 100.

Now that is actually Rs. 1,200 in a year OR one month of electric bill sponsored by freecharge and mobikwik.

More over, since you will be using klippd, you will also get some extra cash backs.

Well, klippd does help you save money through coupons and codes like latest freecharge codes, latest mobikwik codes, klippd will also give you extra cashback on bill payments made at freecharge using klippd or bill payments made on paytm using klippd.

It is like cherry on the top of the cake.

What are the other ways?

Well, since your is mostly household bills, apply for SBI SimplyClick Card.

The SBI Card will give your another up to 2.5% in cashback on all online bill payments.

We have done a complete review on many cards, you can read those as well.


So, in a combination of latest freecharge offers, latest mobikwik offers and latest payback offers plus SBI Simply Click Card, will help you save good amount of money.

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Stay klippd, Stay frugal