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Step by Step guide to book Train tickets on Yatra

In the last blog, we told you how you can save money on train tickets using Yatra.

In this blog, we will help you with step by step booking of train tickets on Yatra.

We assume you have downloaded the Yatra App using the link given, if still not, please do so now here.

This is how your summary will look:

Yatra Train Page

On the Home Page of Yatra, you will see a train section at the top. Hit there and fill all your necessary details.


Once you have filled the details, you will find all the trains serviced on that network.


Select the train and fill the details as you will normally do on IRCTC.


Post that you will find the below window, with charges mentioned



Once you click on the make payment button, you will see an option to redeem your ecash which will range up to 10% of your total ticket size, see below image for more detail.



So, now you original cost of Rs. 9000 has come down to Rs. 8282 which is around 10% less.

To get additional benefits, you can check the wallet option or our yatra page for hawk eye to know more on further discounts and cash backs. In the below image, you can see IDEA Money giving you 10% cashback.



So now you know, how to save more on train tickets using yatra and klippd.


Stay Klippd, Save Money