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The game is still ON part 2 – make Rs. 800 within few mintues

This is in continuation of our last blog on how to make Rs. 800 within few minutes and we am quiet sure, some of you must have already made more than that amount.

Yesterday, I saw a group of friends who made it a game with Level 1 as getting Rs. 100 while level 2 was getting a product free from flipkart. It was really wonderful seeing these young boys play it as a game and going forward we will try to present the same in the form of a game. That was the Eureka moment for us. We will try to make things simpler and like a game. We want all to play the game. Hope you will be the next gamer.

So, in this blog, we will deal on Level 3. At the end of Level 3, you should have made Rs. 50 and hence our total freebies will mount to Rs. 400 with these 3 levels.

To pass Level 3, you will need a Jio card and needless to say, many of us do have a Jio card. Well, if you are still waiting for your first recharge of Rs. 303, assuming our very own Mr. Ambani might extend it further, then take a break; Recharge now before it is gone. When you recharge with Phone Pe  (if you are still to download, do it here), you will get Rs. 50 cashback for your first Jio recharge don through Phone Pe. This is like almost 20% cashback. Trust us, this is a great amount. And you almost instantly get that Rs. 50 cashback which you can drag and withdraw it to your bank account.


So, those who have Jio card and are yet to recharge Rs. 303, they can pass the Level 3 hurdle and can earn Rs. 50 more.


Level 4 is next but you might have to spend more for crossing Level 4. Stay tuned.


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