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We can help you get more from your credit card

We all know that selecting the right credit card is very important and we have got many articles helping you to select the right credit card in India. You can read our reviews on SBI Elite credit cards to SBI Simply Save Card and many more.

Just ask your self one question, which is your maximum spending category and select the credit card accordingly.

This article will help you how to get more out of your credit cards.

We all know when we spend more, we get points for all the spends but did you ever knew that you can get points for making payments towards your credit cards too. Assuming you have an account with ICICI bank, you can always easily make 0.5% extra on your credit card payments.

So, all you will need is 3 things:

1 – A visa credit card

2 – Any Bank Debit card

3 – Walnut App


Assuming you will continue to use your visa credit cards to make your purchases and use klippd to get additional discounts and cash backs to help you save more on everything. When you have your credit card bill generated, do not make the payment. We meant you have to make the payment towards your credit card before the due date but do not make it using your normal method of NEFT, IMPS or RTGS.

This time you will make the payment using the Walnut APP and your bank debit card.

Once you download the app, you can pay your credit card bills with the help of this app using your bank debit card. So, this way you not only earned points on your credit card but also on your debit card. This method of payment has helped us get more than 1% cashback for all the spends and this is indeed a great saving tool.

This is a saving jugaad, you save and help others save. Spread the word.


You can also watch the video of the same here or below


Stay Klippd, Save Money