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What credit cards am I eligible for if I have an income of Rs. 3,10,000 in my latest ITR?

The best credit cards in India with a salary has to be

A) SBI FBB Credit Card: Ideal for people who shop at big bazaars, FBB and who eat a lot in restaurants.

Complete review of the SBI FBB Card.

B) SBI SimplyClick Card: Ideal for people who shop online too frequent. This card would be the cherry on the cake and the cake is klippd. You save a lot using klippd coupons and cash backs.

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C) SBI SimplySave Card: Ideal for people who dine a lot, sees movies and grocery stores like big bazaar.

We have done a complete review.

D) Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card: Ideals for paying electric bills, telephone bills and fuels.

We would review this card very soon and post the update here.


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