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What is the reason of using coupons for our online shopping?

Many online shopping stores provides coupon codes for their store.
Because by providing coupon codes may increase the sales and they can make more profits.

Some of the benefits of coupons are as follows

  • It can reduce final cart price of your shopping.
  • It can give you free shipping.
  • sometimes it gives massive discount on products.
  • It can give you a surprise gift or freebies
  • Can provide you early access to sale items

Now we will just cross check benefit of using coupons. Lets take a example website, say, Netmeds.

Netmeds is an online store which sells prescribed (With valid prescription of doctors. ) and non-prescribed medicines.
Currently, Netmeds is giving coupon code FLAT20 which is applicable on prescribed medicine shopping. If you apply this code, then they will give you 20% off.
If i bought medicines of worth ₹1200,(Of course, with valid prescription) and I applied that coupon , then i will get 20% off on my bill.

So My original bill ₹1200, and discount of 20% on ₹1200 will be ₹240.

My final amount will be ₹1200 – ₹240 = ₹960.

A difference of ₹240 is big. you can buy another medicine with that amount.
And yes they provides 5% additional cashback if you prepay order!!

So, that’s why using coupons are much beneficial.

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