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Ahhhh, medicines all the round

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We humans are so dependent on medicines now a days, that seriously many of us spends huge chunk of their monthly take home on medicine bills.
At first, let us take a pledge, that when we have the health let us not waste on over eating, under eating or doing things which will harm us in the long run. We know it is difficult to start with but not impossible. There are many more people dying just out of hunger than we spending on unnecessary things, if not for us,than for the people who care for us and for the world where we need good people. Second, start exercising, 15 mins, 30 mins whatever you can do but do it. Now, is the time when we need to take care of our self.
Now, let us come back to the initial thoughts on saving money on medicines. has tied up with many online pharmacy companies like netmeds, 1mg, medlife etc these websites give you discount of around 25%. You can find the netmeds coupons, medlife coupons, 1mg coupons on respective klippd pages plus let us not forget that also gives you another 20% discount on shopping through klippd. So, in all you can end up saving anywhere between 40-45%. Yup, this figures are very true indeed.
Let us take a case of a heart patient, who happens to be our very known person. Let’s name him A. Now, A spends almost 1500 on medicines every month. We came up a beautiful plan for him. First of all, we all know there are huge number of generics available for every time medicine’s. You can just search for the generics available for your monthly dosage. This generics can be easily found on many of the online pharmacy websites tied up with
After sorting out the list, just go back to your doctor and ask him for all the medicines that would work put for you.
You can definitely take two opinion, if wanted. Once we have the list ready, go to, search for the health and beauty category and click on the websites that you want to buy your medicines from. In case of A, we were first able to bring his medicine bills down by 500 by just changing the medicines because of the generics. Now, we are down to 1000.
After going on the particular online pharmacy website, A got a discount of 200 plus another cashback of 50 from the website. Now, since A had gone from, he saved another 200 on the form of cashback from
So, in all we are down to 550, a cool saving of 450.
So, we helped A saved 11,400 on an annual basis. The best part is his medical insurance was covered with the help of the extra money he saved.
Our user A was happy, we were happy.

At the end, is here to help you save money and make you smile, make you happy.

So as we say,
Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy


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