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HAWK to the rescue

On, we have a very unique feature known as the hawk eye feature. To our mind it is a revolutionary concept. The only purpose while bring this to life was to make sure, we netizens get the best of the price available while shopping on a particular website.
Let us give you some examples to help you understand, how makes it possible with the this technique.

Many of us buy products on Flipkart and amazon, and we all know we are famous for giving you cashback’s every time you shop through, now, a very simple funda is like, instead of buying the product directly through, we through our hawk eye technique, ask you to buy a gift voucher of equivalent amount through, say if you wanted to buy a product worth 10,000 on flipkart, we can easily help you save an additional 400 just by buying a 10,000 flipkart gift voucher through This is like free money and the money apart from what you get on buying the product. Wow, this is an awesome situation. With the extra money, you could buy some penny stocks and wait for your luck to take off. Yaa, we know we are awesome.
Let’s take another case, we also let you know the best possible way to buy that product, so let’s so you want to buy something on askmegrocery. Now, we give you the coupons, we give you the cashback but what also tells you is to use wallet while paying for the goods. This will help you save an extra 10%, over and above all the savings.
We have many more cases to explain, but we are sure that you must have definitely understood the hawk eye feature from
Now, why the name hawk eye. This is because it acts like a hawk, who keeps his eye focus on making sure you get the best possible deal, all the time.
So as we say always,
Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy