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All ways to save money…Lets make a list…Part 4

First let us bring the whole list back.

1 – Coupons from klippd

2 – Extra cash back from klippd

3 – Hawk eye

4 – JuBot

5 – Refer and Earn through klippd

6 – Credit cards

7 – Gift cards

8 – New sign ups

9 – Referral bonus on respective websites

In the last article, we wrote on how hawk eye from Klippd helped you save some extra money on all your purchases. In this article, we would focus on the your personal assistant JuBot.

The main drive to give life to JuBot was to make sure, our users saved more and more. While coupons from Klippd, cashbacks from Klippd like dominos coupons, netmeds coupons, flipkart coupons did helped our users but we thought we should scan the whole online universe and bring a unique solution that would ultimately lead to more savings for Klippd users.

JuBot would ask you some simple questions and post that would give you an answer. Lets’ take some cases to understand how JuBot would work.

Lets’ say you are looking to buy something on Jabong.

jabong coupons

We come to know that you are going to use a coupon. Now, the websites give us different combinations of cash backs. So, in this case, when you would apply for a jabong coupon available from klippd, we would get you a link which would help you get more cash back then the already available. With this we would also analyse if there are any credit cards and gift cards that would help you reduce the cost of your purchase on Jabong. So, we would also suggest you to use HDFC Diners card to get up to 5% in extra cash back. Yes, we know, the cards sometimes might not be handy. But, we want you to be aware on such cards so that you can put it to your use for the next time.

card coupons


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