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All ways to save moneys…Lets make a list…Part 3


Save money through klippd

In the latest article, we wrote on how klippd makes sure you get the extra cash back always you shop online. In this article, we would focus on further reducing the price of our product. Klippd makes it possible through Hawk Eye. Now, why we call it as Hawk Eye? The simple reason is that the eye sight of a hawk is so perfect that it can focus on its target from far distance. So, we thought to keep a hawk eye on online websites and make sure to bring down all the possible solutions through hawk eye with the ultimate aim to reduce the cost of the product.

Let us give some examples of hawk eye

Save money through klippd

We all earn rewards through Klippd for shopping on flipkart. But, one of the hawk eye suggestions would be to buy a gift voucher of an amount equal to that of the product price. Lets’ say you want to buy a product worth Rs. 10,000 worth of lifestyle products on flipkart. So, you login to your Klippd account and now according to the hawk eye, you would first buy a gift voucher. If you do so you get an extra Rs. 75 in rewards. Now, you use this voucher and buy your lifestyle products. Now assuming that you have created a new account (again as per our hawk eye), you get some Rs. 1,200 in rewards points. So, in all you saved Rs. 1,275 on a shopping of Rs. 10,000 through Klippd and hawk eye of Klippd.


Lets’ take one more case.

Save on medicines with klippd

You want to buy some medicines worth Rs. 5,000 per month. So, you decided to switch from the local pharmacy to pharmacy stores available on Klippd. You go to netmeds through Klippd and apply the netmeds coupons available on Klippd. So, now you get Rs. 1,000 off after applying the netmed coupon.

Our hawk eye technique would suggest you to prepay for this order as you will get 5% or Rs. 250 in extra cash back from netmeds. This cashback will be over and above the Rs. 650 cashback from Klippd.

So, in all you would be saving Rs. 1,000 + Rs. 520 + Rs. 200 = Rs. 1,720 or as good as some 40% in discount.

So, this is how hawk eye technique from Klippd help us save money always.

Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy