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All ways to save money…Lets make a list…Part 7

In the last shaastra, we focused on how credit cards can help us save. In this shaastra, we would be focusing on how gift cards can help us save always. So, as the list goes…

1 – Coupons from klippd

2 – Extra cash back from klippd

3 – Hawk eye

4 – JuBot

5 – Refer and Earn through klippd

6 – Credit cards

7 – Gift cards

8 – New sign ups

9 – Referral bonus on respective websites

save money through klippd

We hardly ever thought if gift cards can also come to our rescue and help us save money. Indeed, it does come handy.

There are lot of websites which would offer you gift cards at discounted price.

We can easily save anywhere up to 40% with the help of credit cards. There are many popular stores like amazon offering good amount of discounts and cash backs on purchases of gift cards.

You can use the discounted gift cards and use coupons available on klippd to get the best possible price.

Lets understand with the help of an example..So we are looking to buy some products on shoppers stop and apply the shoppers stop coupons available from klippd..But instead of directly buying the product we would recommend you to buy a shoppers stop gift voucher from amazon..You get flat 8% discount. So, after applying the shoppers stop codes from klippd, you get your product for 15% less but with the help of the gift voucher, the final price of the product would be 8% less than what you would have paid in its absence.

So, this is how gift cards help us save money. Now, start saving and as we say

Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy