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All ways to save money…Lets make a list…Part 8

The main aim of the All ways to save money was to help our users save money always and get the product at the cheapest possible price. We easily get coupons and cash backs from klippd but there are other ways which can only be used by you and all we can do is make aware that such thing does exist. So we are at number 8 on our list.

1 – Coupons from klippd

2 – Extra cash back from klippd

3 – Hawk eye

4 – JuBot

5 – Refer and Earn through klippd

6 – Credit cards

7 – Gift cards

8 – New sign ups

9 – Referral bonus on respective websites

Save money

Lot of websites rewards new customers for joining them. So lets take the case of myntra. When ever you shop on myntra using a new id, you get straight forward Rs. 400 discount. This discount is over and above the offers and the extra cash back that klippd provides on myntra.

So, there are lot of websites who provides such type of codes for signing up on the first time. All you can do is create multiple logins and buy the product from different emails. With this, you would get the benefits of being a new user and many a times a little more in cash back from klippd as compared to the old user.

So, as we say

Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy