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All ways to save moneys..Lets make a list…

klippd was born with the very idea of helping its user reduce the cost and make sure more money is with the user. We want you to save maximum.

save money always with klippd

Did you knew that there are multiple ways to save money through klippd. Lets list them down..

1 – Coupons from klippd

2 – Extra cash back from klippd

3 – Hawk eye

4 – JuBot

5 – Refer and Earn through klippd

6 – Credit cards

7 – Gift cards

8 – New sign ups

9 – Referral bonus on respective websites

In today’s’ article, we would focus on coupons and keep on elaborating the others one by one over the next  days.


klippd helped me save using coupons


We all love coupons. Coupons helps us save money always. It gives us over the face discounts and we all love discounts. Some times it can range up to 50%.

Did you knew with the help of netmeds coupons from klippd, we can bring down our cost of medicines directly by 20% and so is true for others like freecharge coupons from klippd can help you reduce your utility bill or post paid bill by 15%.

Now, each coupon is different and its purpose different. Some times we get the coupons for free and sometimes we have to purchase those coupons. So, take the case of bigbasket coupons from klippd, while those are not directly available but if you are a new user user on bigbasket, you can purchase a bigbasket coupon from nearbuy and also use nearbuy coupons from klippd apart from the cash back offered by klippd on nearbuy to further reduce the price of the purchased coupon. Once we have the purchased coupon, you can go to bigbasket again vai klippd and get extra 2.6% cash back from klippd plus the bigbasket promo code we got from nearbuy. This would help us reduce our cost by 20% directly on groceries. So, it is possible to get your amul cheese for almost 20% less and believe us no supermarket would be able to beat that.

Lets take another example, you are looking to buy something on shopcrocs and searched for the shopcrocs coupons on klippd but they don’t give any coupons. We still want you to save money, so what we would suggest you is buy a shopcrocs coupon from paytm. The link and the deal info would be provided by klippd, so you have nothing to worry about. Use that code while going through klippd on shopcrocs and get that 20% on the face discount plus the extra cashback that klippd has to offer.

We crawl across places and give you a way to minimize your cost by all possible means. I

In this article, we wrote about coupons from klippd and the purchased coupons. Now, in the next shaastra, we would focus on the extra cashback that klippd offers

klippd your saving partner

klippd your savings, cash backs and coupons partner

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Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy


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