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All ways to save moneys..Lets make a list…Part 2

In our last article, we wrote how coupons from klippd can help you save money always. While, no doubt, klippd coupons can reduce the cost of your product on the face, there are some indirect ways to further decrease your cost. So, last time we prepared the entire list to reduce our cost and focused our discussion on coupons. In this article, we will concentrate on cash backs from klippd.

Just for your reference, we have jotted down the entire list

1 – Coupons from klippd

2 – Extra cash back from klippd

3 – Hawk eye

4 – JuBot

5 – Refer and Earn through klippd

6 – Credit cards

7 – Gift cards

8 – New sign ups

9 – Referral bonus on respective websites

Save money through klippd

klippd has tied up with more than 500 plus websites and to help these websites increase business, they give us some money for every sale. We pass on this money to the respective user. At the end, it was the user who made the sale and we want the money to be credited back to the user.

Did you know, we negotiate hard with the websites to make the cash backs as lucrative as possible. Sometimes,the cash back from klippd can be as high as 25%.

We also wanted to make sure that we give one of the best cash backs on medicines, so, now if you see medicines brought online from netmeds using coupons from klippd can help you save anywhere between 35-45%. klippd do not want you to spend a major chunk of your money on medicines and hence thought it was very essential to talk to medlife, netmeds, 1mg etc.

So, with the cash backs, it is only the extra savings that stays’ in our pockets. But for us to track your cash properly, please make sure, you go through klippd on the respective website, every time you do your shopping. Use the coupons available on klippd and do yoru shopping within the same session. Sometimes, many corporate would block certain number of websites and hence it is advisable to avoid such networks and do your shopping which would allow free flow of information.

This was just a note of caution, rest, we have all the technology in place to facilitate your transactions.

So, as we say,

Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy