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can we buy medicines by the generic name instead of buying costly branded medicines?

Very good question and one of the most unanswered among the Indian masses. We all have some one in our homes who need loads of medicines every month and well the answer is very well a Big YES. Though, do consult your doctor before buying the medicines. Read further and see how we managed to save 60% on our medicines.

My dad is a cardiac patient and needs around Rs. 2500 worth of medicines every month. Earlier, I used to buy the medicines from my local pharmacist who used to give me 10% discount which was like Rs. 250 per month in savings.

But then we came across two things. First was the generic medicine and second was buying medicines online like netmeds, medlife, 1mg, practo and applying netmeds coupons, medlife coupons, 1mg coupons, practo coupons. These two methods helped us save like Rs. 1,500 per month, so now our medicine cost came down by 90% per year and instead of spending Rs. 30,000 per year, we were now spending Rs. 12,000 per year.

First thing we came across were generics.

Earlier, we used to take a medicine which would cost us like Rs. 1,250 per month but then we came across a generic with the same salt and in the same manner.

Generic helps save you money

This medicine brought my overall cost down by 75%. So, now instead of paying Rs. 1,250 per month, we were paying Rs 315 per month. If you do an annualized calculation, earlier the cost was Rs. 15,000 per year but then with the help of generics, the cost was reduced to Rs. 3,780 per year. Indeed, it was a great savings for us. Obviously, if we would have known about this earlier, we could have saved more.

The second was using the online platform to buy medicines in addition to klippd to get the extra discounts all the time.

save money on medicines using practo

So, using klippd and practo coupons available on klippd, We managed to save another 48%. So, our actual medicine cost of Rs. 3,780 per year was reduced by another Rs. 1,780 per year.

klippd has also tied up with netmeds, 1mg, medlife, big chemist.

So, overall generics and klippd helped me save 90% per year. Now, you also start saving on medicine and plug that hole on the cost. We call this as smart spending.

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