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Over Ride those transaction charges

Many of us still pay their electric bills over the counter but if you are not among those users who pay their home or office electric bills over the counter, read ahead.

Well, with a new digital era rising in India, government of India took a bold decision to scrap all the convenience charges for making your payments online and it was expected that State Government will also take the part but that did not happen.

Some days back, we were paying our MSEDCL electric bill online on the same day of the due date, so as you know, if you pay via third party websites like freecharge, paytm or mobikwik, it might require 3 days to process the same.

So, we did not had the liberty to get the additional cashback, which we usually get in combination of klippd and mobikwik.

So, we had two option either to pay over the counter in cash which means you will loose out the reward points and yes the convenience of the click of the button or pay using MSEDCL Official website.

So, I exactly did the same.

I visited the official page of MSEDCL electric board to pay our electric bill and we all know we do not get any cashback from MSEDCL or MSEDCL coupons, MSEDCL codes, MSEDCL offers, MSEDCL deals, nothing of that sort.

But still, we make on reward points and time.

So, we entered all our details like msedcl consumer number and other msedcl details but while proceeding towards the payment, msedcl displayed a message that for making payments above Rs. 500 with debit cards and credit cards, you will be charged 0.5% as transaction charge.

So, on a bill of Rs. 2,000, this comes to Rs. 10. However, there is a way to over ride this transaction charge. Now, Rs. 10 for many users might sound too low but at the end it is wastage of money.

To over ride this transaction charge, you can make use of the Wallet options available on the MSEDCL website. We used JIO wallet to make our payment.

We not only saved Rs. 10 for making the payment but also got the reward points on using our credit card.

So, our simple message here is, you might come at situations where there is a transaction charge levied or your favorite premium credit card is being not accepted for making the payments. But, you can over ride all these situations with the help of a wallet.


So, do save more, do make more with klippd.


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