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Take Care Health

We have a very exciting offer for yourself and your parents.

Indian Health Organisation, a part of the US based AETNA group is bringing you a complete body test for just Rs. 999.


What’s more?

If you use klippd, you will get another Rs. 325 cashback, so effectively, take care of your health for only Rs. 675.

Gift your loved ones a health package and be safe.


NOTE: If you have a health insurance and have not applied for any claims in the past 3 – 4 years, you can apply for a refund of this Rs. 999 amount. Just call up your insurance agent and ask them how it needs to be done.


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It primarily offers health-check plans at concessional rates, which allow masses to get their check-ups done on time. In addition, IHO also offers various other benefits some of which are subsidised check-ups & treatments across IHO certified doctors, laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers. IHO considers its internal guidelines and geographical conditions prior to partnering with any such service providers or grant of IHO certification to doctors, laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers. IHO on its best effort basis endeavors to ensure that the doctors or other medical centers engaged by IHO are doing so for a societal cause and in case any unethical practice is suspected against the doctors and medical practitioner, IHO may de-empanel such a service provider from IHO’s network. IHO never recommends, promotes, suggests or shows any bias towards any service provider in any manner whatsoever. It offers the service provider’s details to relevant members only basis the need and convenience of the member. IHO reserves a right to terminate the IHO certification of doctors, laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers in case they fail to adhere to the pricing norms or materially fail to carry out of any of their obligations. . A member having IHO’s health check plan can claim deduction to the extent of Rs. 5,000/- for Preventive Health Check-up under the section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (such provision is incorporated in the Finance Bill, 2012). The benefit of Section 80D is over and above the limit of Rs. 5,000/- prescribed under Section 80C/80CCC of the Income Tax Act, 1961. This benefit is available for expenditure incurred towards preventive health check up of self, spouse, dependent children and parents of the member having IHO health checkup plan. IHO appreciates feedback from its members (via feedback section and contact us section of this website) & ensures resolution to all fair requests and does not encourage use of any public media/forum with respect to any issues with the services offered to its members.