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How do I get a SBI credit card?

All you need is a salary of Rs. 200,000 per year and you can get the card. Also, you should not have defaulted or got rejected for the SBI card in the past six months. These is the most basic criteria for you getting a SBI Card.

I have used many SBI cards myself and just drawing a list for you. You can apply for the cards which suits your interest but mind it, do check the annual income that would be required for getting the SBI Card

Income above Rs. 300,000 per year

SBI FBB StyleUP Card:

Welcome gift voucher worth Rs. 500

Flat 10% discount on apparels, footwear, accessories at FBB and big bazaar

2.5% cash back on spends at big bazaar, food bazaar, FBB, Dining

This card comes for free as you get Rs. 500 cash back every year as bonus

Review of SBI FBB StyleUp Card

Income above Rs. 900,000 per year

SBI Yatra Card:

Get Rs. 8250 yatra vouchers on joining

6x points on grocery and departmental store spends

So, if you use yatra a lot, this card is the best.

Income above Rs. 300,000 per year

SBI SimplyClick Card:

2.5% cash back on amazon, foodpanda, ola, lenskart and many more

Rs. 500 amazon gift voucher as joining gift

Up to Rs. 4,000 in gift voucher on reaching various thresholds

This card would help you save always on online shopping like amazon, lenskart etc

You can take benefit of klippd for your extra savings

Income above Rs. 200,000 per year

SBI SimplySave Card:

This card would give you 2.5% cashback on your grocery spends and departmental store spends.

Spend Rs. 2,000 or more in first 60 days and get 2,000 bonus Reward Points. These points are worth Rs. 500.

This card does comes with a fees of Rs. 499 but would be waived off, if your spends are more than Rs. 75,000 per year.

So, you can apply for all the three cards and see which would work for you the best

Income above Rs. 900,000 per year

SBI Elite Card offers you

Rs. 5000 joining gift voucher from either Yatra, Hush Puppies/Bata, Marks & Spencer, Westside and Shoppers Stop. You can take your call.

Rs. 500 movie vouchers every month which means an annual savings of Rs. 6000

Rs. 18,000 worth savings in bonus every year on reaching spends of up to Rs. 500,000

2.5% cash back on your groceries, restaurants and departmental stores. This means if we spend like 300,000 per year on groceries, restaurants and department spends. This leads to savings of Rs. 7500 per year.

So for an annual fee of Rs. 4999, you save like approximately Rs. 32000 per year.

The income criteria is just for reference and normally the SBI guys might give you a card for little less salary as well. You can try your luck.

These are the cards, I would suggest you.

Not only cards would help you save money, it would also help increase your credit score. So, apart from the grocery coupons, the recharge coupons and the recharge cash backs, you would be able to save huge with these cards.

Stay klippd, Stay frugal, Stay happy