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How to save on Life Insurance?

First of all, for all the users who have yet not taken any life insurance , we advice you to please take it first. Though, the question would not have arrived if they would not have taken the life insurance.

We are assuming you have a life insurance and hence looked for this question for saving on life insurance . To our mind there are two ways which can help you some something on life insurance . We all know life insurances range from 10,000 to 100,000 per year easily. So, lets take a median one and see the ways to save on insurances.

The are no coupons for life insurance  but the only way to save money is through credit cards. There are two cards which would help you save on credit cards.

The first card is the HSBC Platinum Credit Card.

This card would help you get 10% discount of up to Rs. 3000 on your spends above Rs. 10,000. Well, the condition is that it should be within 3 months. The bonus point is the card is life time free plus it would also give you one ticket for free every Saturday. So, you pay nothing and you can reap benefits worth Rs. 9,000. You get free tickets worth Rs. 6000 per year plus Rs. 3000 as 10% cash back.

So, if you apply for this card, you can get up to Rs. 3000 in the form of cash back.

Now, this card would come very handy for the first year but for the second year on wards, I would recommend to go for SBI SimplyClick Card. The reason being very simple, this card would offer your 1.25% in cash back. So, all your insurance would help you earn cash back.

Lets assume if you are paying a premium of Rs. 50,000 per year with the help of this SBI SimplyClick Card, you can earn Rs. 625 in cash back which is not bad and for free.  Plus there are other benefits and we have already done a complete review on the same in our earlier post here.

So, we would continuously work for ways to help you save money. Sometimes, in the form of coupons, sometimes in cash backs and sometimes in cards, klippd would be there for you.

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