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How do I save money while booking hotels in India?

First of all great job in sorting out the question itself. We are happy that you did select one criteria of the travel. There are couple of ways to save money on hotels. We love travelling and in fact life is like a book and the journeys are its pages.

Let go step by step and unleash the power of klippd

1 – Airbnb – We love airbnb and trust us airbnb does offer rooms for very little cost. So, before you look for a hotel, do search on airbnb too. Airbnb is very ideal for group bookings and family tours. Sign up now and get Rs. 1000 off from klippd on your first travel.

Travel with airbnb


2 – Trivago:

You can compare the prices of hotels on Trivago and shortlist the websites with cheapest possible price but do not click out from here. Just have the list handy and open klippd in a new tab.

3 – Coupons from klippd:

Once you have the hotel list and price list handy, you can search for oyo rooms coupons, treebo coupons, makemytrip hotel coupons, yatra hotel coupons on klippd and help your self by reducing the prices of hotels.

Travel the world and save with klippd

The coupons would come very handy to give discounts on the face.

4 – Cash backs from klippd:

Check the cash backs offered by klippd on different travel sites and make your calculations. Some times the cash back would be in percentage like yatra hotels cashback while in some case it is fixed like makemytrip hotel cash backs. So, you can select the site which has the maximum cashback and coupon discount.

5 – Use credit cards to your advantage:

If you would be paying online, then we would recommend you to get SBI Simply Click Card. Please check the complete review of SBI SimplyClick Card.

There are other travel cards like SBI Air India Signature Card

SBI Air India Platinum Card

SBI Yatra Card

Either you can take advantage of these cards or search for some more cards on Bank Bazaar.


Stay klippd, Stay frugal, Stay happy