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Which are best sites for buying medicines online in india?

There are couple of online sites which offer medicines online but the main important things to look for are

A – Pin codes serviceable

B – Delivery time

C – Discounts offered

D – Cashback from klippd

E – Minimum Order Value

Once we have figured out these question, then we can look for the best sites among the selected.

For us, all are equally good but we have prepared a index on two parameters,

1 – Discounts or coupons

2 – Cashback

Now, why only these two parameters and why we have not selected the Pin codes serviceable and delivery time. This is for the simple reason that we are writing this answer for the whole India & not a particular area or region and we are considering that you would order medicines at least 7 weeks ahead of your re ordering cycle.

Now, lets get back to the original Medco Index. So, we are giving 60% weight to the existing discounts offered by the online medical stores and 40% to the cash back offered on these websites from klippd.

The reason behind giving more weight to discounts or coupons is that fact that, those would be on the face while cash back would be available to us after some weeks.

We have taken netmeds, medlife, practo, 1mg and bigchemist for our index.

The assumptions for the Medco Index are

a – New user

b – Order value is Rs. 1,000

Index on online medical sites for new users

From the above indicator, it is clear that practo is leading the pack and you could easily end up saving up to 48.5%. One more thing that we have not taken into assumption is that netmeds offers 5% cashback for all prepaid orders. So very well the ranking of netmeds can go up.

The index more or less the same for old user with the only difference that medlife would offer you only 20% discount as against the 30% discount offered to new users.

However, there is a trick, you can always create a new user and use the refer and earn program of medlife and get some extra discounts always.

There is no one fix to all and the same goes true for online medical sites as well but we hope this would help you in some way.

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