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How do we get large discount in online shopping?

Whenever you shop online, just check the website’s deal section. you might get deal of your product there and you will get good discount.

The another way is to use coupons codes for the website. Coupons also helps to save money on your online transaction. Sometimes these coupons are applicable on credit cards only, just check coupons and apply it and save money.

Offers on credit cards. yes, sometimes website gives some cashback on using specific credit cards. for e.g Amazon giving 10% cashback on HDFC card etc. Just use this card and wohooo save money. If you don’t have card then ask your friend who has that card for help!!

Another way is to use cashback website. there are many cashback websites available which gives decent cashback.

but, Klippd is a both cashback and coupons website , giving more than cashback and coupons over 500 websites. you must try it!!

Thank you