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Review of Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card

Last time, we had done a complete review on the SBI SimplyClick Card. In today’s article, we would review one card from the Standard Chartered Fraternity.

So, how this card looks like

Standard Chartered Platinum Cards

The card is Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card. Lets see the features.

So, this card comes with a zero annual fee and zero joining fees. The StanC card is totally free lifetime.

The card offers you 5 points per Rs. 150 for spends at fine dine outlets. They have a complete list of those outlets.

You get 5 points per Rs. 150 for fuel spends.

Earn 2 points per Rs.150 elsewhere.

20% cashback on Uber rides but maximum of Rs. 600 per month.

Get 1500 bonus reward points by registering yourself for net banking and doing a transaction within first 60 days.

The reward point conversion comes to around Rs. 0.25 but if you see the spends for reward points, it has to be in multiple of Rs. 150. So actual saving is only 0.65% on restaurants and fuels.

Though, we would recommend you to apply for the card for

1 – Its life time free

2 – You can easily get Rs. 500 flipkart voucher within two months through your normal spends like electric bills, fuels etc.

3 – the card gives you 20% cashback for Uber rides

4 – You get cashback for StanC mumbai marathon 🙂

5 – The standard chartered card offers good cashback many times on amazon, flipkart, snapdeal etc.

So, since this card is for free it presents a host of benefit and has no negative points, we recommend to go for the card.


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