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How makes it possible?

Today’s shaastra will deal with
How makes it possible to earn Cashback every time, save you money, reduce cost and make sure you are happy.
The theory is very old and used very extensively across. You can see it all around. Say in a company, when you refer someone for work and if he/she gets selected, you get referral money. Obviously, it has to fall under certain terms and conditions. Or say when an insurance agent sells you some policy, he gets particular amount of lead fees. The amount of money differs and is different in different fields.
The same way when we display online websites and the user makes their purchases through , the websites reward us. The only difference is that we pass on the reward to you as well. So, when we all know we will be making that purchase, why don’t use the system to reduce the cost of your purchase and indirectly leading to more money in your pocket. So as we always say,
Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy