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Small Expenses, Big Gaps

The topic seems very interesting, now though is here, we are sure to plug your holes. Mobile bills are so common now a days and with the advent of data, our bills have gone only up. Let’s take three case studies to help us understand things better,
Case 1- Paying the bill on the merchant or offline
This is the worst of all scenarios we talking. This will indeed put a big hole in your future cash. Let’s say we have an average monthly bill of Rs. 300 per month and let’s assume we pay this amount over a period of 30 years. This money will equal Rs. 108,000. Pretty big unwarranted expense. This amount can actually be reduced, lets now look at the second case.
Case 2- paying bills through online websites
On an average as of now, it has been observed that online retailers give us Cashback of 5-10%. Let’s assume 5% on a safer side. Now, instead of Rs. 300 every month, we will be paying Rs. 285( we subtracted 15, the Cashback amount from the online website) So, in total we pay 102,600. Let’s not forget the 15 which will get on accumulating and earnnua interest. We assume we will be earning around 1000 in interest income itself. Now, let us not forget the fact that small drops of water leads to ocean full of water. But the most interesting is the third case. In the third case, we use as well to save on more money.
Case 3- the scenario is pretty well the same as in case 2 but here we use an additional mechanism,
We can save around 1.7% every time additionally. This means we have around 2000 in extra Cashback and plus some more interest.

So, if we use, it is quiet possible for us to reduce our burden of 108,000 by 8000. Let’s not forget, all it will take is a few seconds of yours by logging into your account. I think it is indeed a great proposition.
So as we always say,

Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal