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Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal


Is being frugal the best way to save money? Or are there other tactics to increase your savings?

This is the perfect question at the very right time, expenses are going up and Income has been almost same, savings are diminishing. With this kind of environment is it possible to save money. We say, yes, there is a way. There is a saying small steps leads to big gain. Everyone has to start small, no one, even the gods, did not win the world in just a day. It takes time and efforts but you can reach there. We would be throwing some light on ways that can actually help you save money. We have covered the list exhaustively in our earlier, How to save money always?

However, if you are looking for some quick fix, we have are showing some ways here. The compilation of the answer is as per our understanding and you can try those out and see what can work the best for you.

1 – This is the best option and all you have to do is register yourself on klippd. Did you know, our user on an average managed to save almost 35% everywhere. The savings is just one aspect, our user on an average managed to make Rs. 500 in extra income just by referring people to klippd. This money helped our user in making their vodaphone recharges free, airtel recharges free, tata docomo recharges free, idea recharges free, bsnl recharges free, mtnl recharges for free.

We love klippd, its coupons, its cash backs offer and everything.

2 – We have found out that not always big is beautiful. Just see the below images and you would understand the story.

Save on rin powder

So, after applying big basket coupons available on klippd and the extra cashback from klippd, the deal becomes more better.

Lets’ take another example.

Save on dove soap

In this one too, if you look, we have Dove 50 gm available for Rs. 20 while Dove 75 gm is made available for Rs. 46. Even if you buy the whole 300 gm dove pack for Rs. 174, this would be much higher than buying 6 dove soaps of 50 gm each for Rs. 20. The total here comes at Rs. 120 only.

This is a trick and you should be do some calculations before making the decision to buy.

3 – Credit cards comes very handy. It helps you enjoy the free interest period and gives you extra cashback for all your shopping. We would be writing on one card which can help you save money for all your online shopping. This SBI SimplyClick card would give you 2.5% discount on some partner websites while for all other, it would help you give 1.25% cashback.

You can read on the whole SBI SimplyClick article, in case you want to apply directly for the card, you can do so here.

4 – Gift card: We strongly advocate on using gift cards. We all shop at retail stores like shopper stop, lifestyle, domino’s etc. These gift cards would come very handy and the main beauty is that all of these gift cards are at discounted rates.

save on gift cards


So these are the four quick handy tips and we strongly recommend to use one or in a combination like credit cards would always come handy.

Stay klippd, Stay frugal, Stay happy