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Review of HDFC Premium Diners Card

This is the first card for us from the HDFC family. Lets see how the card looks

HDFC premium diners card

These card is among the premium cards of HDFC bank and so are the features of this card.

This card gives you 4 points per Rs. 150 spent.  For some partners like flipkart, bookmyshow, bigbasket, goibibo, makemytrip, lifestyle, redbus, myntra, this hdfc premium diners card offer 40 points for every Rs. 150. You get 8 points per Rs. 150 for your dining spends and all spends on hdfc diners club website.

One of the most lucrative offer of this card is the unlimited one on one pvr tickets. No cards would be able to match this offer. So, you can take unlimited movie benefit due to the HDFC premium diners card. In simple terms, if you book four tickets worth Rs. 400 each, you would have to pay only Rs. 800 plus some service charges. If you are booking 4 tickets worth Rs. 600 each, you would have to 1400 plus service charges as the maximum benefit per ticket is Rs. 500. Almost, all the movie tickets are worth less than Rs. 500, so we have nothing to worry.

There are limitations to the number of points that can be earned with the preferred partners. The maximum points that can be earned in a cycle for a premium credit card customer is 10,000.

Each point if redeemed for the services available on HDFC diners club website would have a conversion value of Rs. 0.75. So, all your travels, hotels, recharges and postpaid bill payments can be adjusted against these points.

If you do the calculations, your normal spend would get you 2% cash back while shopping at partner websites can help you get 20% cash back.

Your dining spends would get you 4% in cash back and you get unlimited free movie tickets.

What about the acceptance?

This card does have some acceptance issue, though now almost all websites does accept diners card. You would not find retailers accepting diners card as it one of the most premium cards and carry high fees for the retailer.

The second issue would be with the swiping machine, as of now, only HDFC machines have the required code to accept Diners card.

So, it is mandatory to have a second card always.


What are the fees’ for HDFC Premium Diners Card?

The fees does come with huge annual charges but many a time just for promotion of this card, HDFC banks gives this card for lifetime free.

You can apply the for the card and check if you would be eligible for the free card.


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