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Ohh gosh, I have an airtel card…

No wonder, we can easily see the sigh of dismay but don’t you worry, has a good and effective solution.

Yes, you can always login to your account and get the extra Cashback that is being offered by our existing recharge partners.

To make it more compelling, let’s by pass the existing recharge partners, why don’t we tie up with airtel itself.

Yes, you are 100% right. This is what we have done, we have tied up with airtel for our needs. Now, you won’t have to worried as we are sure to make you continue to get at least some discouts on your airtel recharges.

So what is the wait for, start saving now on your airtel recharges too.

So as we say,
Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy

3 thoughts on “Ohh gosh, I have an airtel card…

  • you guys offering v less discount. I m not happy with it

    • Hi Priya,

      We thanks your patronage with us. Please understand that the discount is being offered by Airtel and it would only be increased as and when we get more traction. We continue to value your patronage with us. Please do refer as many people as possible and the amount of discounts would automatically be increased. We hope you would understand.

  • Sumit Nemade

    I owns airtel card and now a days, no recharge website is giving cashback or coupons for airtel recharge. But you guys are tied up with them, so I can easily save money on Airtel recharges and bill payments!!

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