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Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal


Build your Business, Build your Dreams has tied up with many business friendly websites. Now, you cab purchase your business needs online and at a price that doesn’t pinch you. Now, let’s take a case study of a local furniturewala. This person has lot of requirement for fevicol and abro tapes. got the same fevicol at a deep discount price of 120 unlike the market price at 145.
Earlier, without, he used to spend like 14500 per month on fevicols for a total quantity of 100 kg, but after using, his expenses came down to 12,000, a saving of 2,500. Indeed a great amount to save on a monthly basis.
The best part was the website from where he user to purchase his fevicol started giving him 2 kg extra every time he fulfilled 100 kg for that month.
The savings made the person happy but the extra 2 kg was such an awesome surprise that he could not have waited to spread the word
In short, he was happy, we were happy. So as we say, Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy