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Read your bills carefully

This article comes after we analysed an electricity bill of a shop. First let us understand the case,
The shop owner has three meters (all for the same shop) for electricity, one of the meter had many connections(electrical fittings) while the other two had less number of fittings connected. When we saw the bill, we told them to rewire the connections and adjust some of the connections in the heavier meter with those of the lower ones. Now, the only reason for giving this suggestion was that the power supplier used to double the charges for all power consumption above 200 units. Here, the overall power consumption was around 500. The heavier meter used to handle about 400 units while the other two were around 80 and 20 units. The entire process of rewiring had a cost of ₹1500 but with this the shopkeeper was saving around ₹500 every month. This meant saving of ₹6000 on an annual basis and a perpetual one. Obviously, the shopkeeper was very happy. First he saved cost at his side and rest happiness came because of using to save on additional money. The shopkeeper told us, he is saving around ₹300 through coupons available on and an extra ₹150 through cashback’s, obviously, again from
So, in this case, the shopkeeper was saving ₹6000 because of the rewiring and another ₹5400 through
What we get is a happy person and actually the shopkeeper said he will keep the saved money aside for buying a group life insurance policy for his staff. This made the happiness multiplied by many times. is here only for the same reason, as we say always, Stay Klippd, Stay Frugal, Stay Happy.