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Review of SBI FBB StyleUp Card

This is the fourth SBI Card we have take for review. Many of the SBI Cards are fantastic and the service provided by SBI is way above excellence.

This time we have taken the SBI FBB StyleUp Card.

SBI FBB Style Up Card

First lets’ have a look on the features of this SBI FBB StyleUp Card

You get welcome gift of Rs. 500 worth Fbb gift voucher

Anniversary gift of 2,000 Bonus Reward Points every year which is as good as Rs. 500 per year

flat 10% discount round the year, whenever you shop for fashion apparels, accessories & footwear at Fbb and Big Bazaar outlets

10X reward points on your spends at Big Bazaar, Standalone Fbb and Food Bazaar outlets this means you get 2.5% cash back on all your shopping at big bazaar due to this SBI FBB StyleUp Card

You also get 2.5% cash back on all your dining spends

This card comes up with a fee of Rs. 499 per year.

So, whom this SBI FBB StyleUp Card is meant for.

If you look, this card is virtually free of cost. We get Rs. 500 in cashback every year and as a joining gift, we get Rs. 500 worth FBB gift voucher for free.

A – If you do most of your shopping at the local big bazaar or food bazaar, then this SBI FBB Style Up Card is definitely for you.

B – If you do some shopping at big bazaar but you eat out a lot, still this card would suit you.

Lets do analysis on how much we can save on an annual basis for both of the above cases.

A – We shop a lot at big bazaar, how do I save money?

The answer lies in this SBI FBB StyleUp card. If you spend around Rs. 5000 per month at big bazaar or food bazaar, you earn Rs. 125 in cash back every month. So, for your yearly shopping of Rs. 60,000, you get Rs. 1500 in cash back. So, for an annual fees of Rs. 499, you saved Rs. 1500. This is great. Plus, in this case, we are not taking into consideration your restaurant spends. Even if you spend Rs. 20,000 annually on restaurants, you can save around Rs. 500 per year.

So, our total savings goes to Rs. 2000 per year on spends of Rs. 80,000 per year.

B – You eat out a lot, how can you save?

So, if you are a foodie, you are bound to go to many restaurants. Lets just reverse the case now, so now you spend Rs. 60,000 per year on restaurants and Rs. 20,000 at big bazaar or food bazaar.

This way too you are able to save Rs. 2000 per year.

Plus this SBI FBB Stylecard comes for free because of the Rs. 500 cashback annually.

So, we strongly recommend this card for all the big bazaar lovers and for all the foodies. One more point is, the approval rate is very high for this card, the reason being big bazaar wants to do promotion on this co branded card. So even if you have a low salary, you can apply for SBI FBB StyleUp Card.

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