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Want to buy a mobile phone?

So, last day one of the users happens to mail us and ask, hey, I was looking for a Samsung mobile worth 30000, can you please help me reduce my cost to the best possible price?

We replied, sure,, exist to make sure you get the best possible prices all the time. Now, as we know there are not much offers available on bank cards bit still you can avail 1800 in cashback.
Ya, we know you are excited. All you would have to do is, create two email ids and get two phone numbers. Yes, that’s it and your job is done.
All you would need to do is log on to, gift yourself a gift voucher of equivalent amount, get cashback on the gift voucher and then use the same gift voucher on a different id but again make sure that you go through, so that you would again get cashback on the product.
This is a smart move which is very much legal, but you would have to put a little effort on making it work.
So, as we always say, would always assist you to lower your costs.
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One thought on “Want to buy a mobile phone?

  • Geeky SS

    That was awesome trick Klippd, thank you, I am surely going to try it!!

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