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Where can I buy medicines online in India?

A perfect question at the perfect time. Our lifestyle, environment and the food, all have given rise to increase in diseases. The word STRESS which was not even know ten years back is so natural now a days. Having said that, the medicines and the cost of hospitalizations have really eaten into our savings. But now no more, with the advent of online world, medicines are also sold online. We get discounts plus convenience but the more important aspect is the TABOO of generics is no more.

At the click of a button, you can make more informed choices.

Earlier, we had written a blog on how one of our user managed to save 90% on medicine bills. We would want you to read it and make informed choices. Even, if you chose the medicines prescribed by the doctor, we still would be able to help you save 40–50%.

Practo helps save on medicines

netmeds helps you save on medicines

We would love you see save money but we would love you even more, if you could help other too.

We are in a complex human world, yet we are connected to each other. Lets’ take a fight, the fight to kill the price and before that we would want you to love your health. You exercise, eat healthy food and do some meditation.

Hope this would help. Thanks.

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